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Fire Fighting Systems

Our company extensively works in water gas/foam-based firefighting system in Industrial, commercial and residential segments pan India.

Maharashtra fire services classified SD infra & MEP services Pvt. Ltd in class A category. To match client needs we have team of qualified mechanical and electrical engineers, experience supervisors, and trained experience welder which implement firefighting system inline to national and international codes.

Local fire authority requirements also take into consideration. We have vertical which will conduct mock up drills with necessary training to concern teams of clients on fire prevention, fire protection and evacuation and various first aid methods. We have a team of engineers which do hydraulic calculation on PIPENET.

  • Water based system based on code NFPA, FM global, NBC and IS Codes
  • Sprinkler pipie
  • Hydrant Pipe
  • Pump room
  • High velocity water spray system
  • Medium velocity water spray system
  • Water mist system
  • Water curtain system
  • Pre-action system (single/double interlock)
  • Deluge system
  • Gas suppression system
  • Clean agent flooding system
  • Novec
  • FM 200
  • Nitrogen
  • CO2 flooding system
  • CO2 system for electrical panels
  • Foam based system
  • Foam sprinkler system
  • Foam Hydrant system
  • Foam generating system
  • High expansion foam system
  • Low expansion foam system