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Manpower Strength

Mr. Manoj Morye, A.M.I. E. (Electrical) – Director
Administration – Mumbai Office

Executives / Staff Electrical Dept. Fire Fighting Dept. Plumbing Dept. Other Staff
Project Managers221-
Project Engineers422-
Site Supervisors662-
Safety Supervisor---2
Quality Control111-
Design Draftsman111-
Documents Controllers---1
Estimation Engineer & Tendering332-
Purchase Manager221-
Business Development---2
Office Assistants---2
Grand Total = 74 nos.

SD Infra & MEP Services Pvt. Ltd.
Organizational Chart – Ahmedabad Office

Executives / Staff Electrical Dept. Fire Fighting Dept. Plumbing Dept. Other Staff
Project Engineers1---
Quality Control---1
Site Supervisors---1
Semi Skilled Technicians---2
Grand Total = 5 nos.

Equipment / Tools & Tackles- Electrical, Fire Fighting, Plumbing & HVAC Works

Sr. No. Description Qty Sr. No. Description Qty
01Megger 500 V , 1000V & 5000V336Lux Meter1
02Earth Tester137LAN Tester1
03Clamp Meter1038Drill Machine Hammer BIG10
04Welding Machine639Drill Machine Small5
05Cutter Machine840Wooden Ladders30
06Voltmeter141Clamp on Power Meter1
07Ammeter142Data and Voice Punching Tools2
08Hydraulic Crimping Machine 243Cutter Machine4
09Hexagonal Crimping Machine With Gear144Hand Grinder6
10Digital Earth Tester 145Machine Grinder1
11Clamp Power Meter146Hydraulic Bending Machine 1
12Vertical Drill Machine with Stand147Chop Saw Cutter Machine1
13Scaffolding Set of H Frame with Wheel248Cable Drum Jack Spindle2
14Clamp Meter with Frequency, KW,V,A,P.F.149Earth Resistance Clamp Meter1
15Infrared Thermocouple150Gas Cutting Set2
16Pipe Cutting Machine551Spanner10
17Fire Extinguisher852Brazing Set1
18Nitrogen + Oxygen Cylinder253Tool Box3
19CFM Meter254Humidity Meter2
20GI Pipe Threading Machine (1½" to 4")255Steel Pipe Wrench (32" to 12")2
21Aluminum Pipe Wrench356Ratcheting Pipe Threaded Set3
22Ratchet Action Hose/PVC Pipe Cutter257Measuring Tools2
23Pipe Bending Tools258All tools required for fabrication worklot
24Electrical Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pump159Heating Torch1
25Centre punch160Right Angle1
26Caliberated Pressure Guage161Static Pressure Measuring Test1
27Buffing Machine162Non-static Pressure Measuring Test1
28Knock-out Punch163Breakers 13kg1
29Hot Air Blower164Air Blower1
30Smoke machines165Gas cutting equipments1
31Grinding machines166Brazing Equipments1
32Wall chasing machine167Pipe Cutting machine1
33Chain Pulley Block168Spirit level2
34Water level569Chisel3
35Electrical Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pump170Manual Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pump1
01Safety – Belts, Helmets, Shooes, Goggles, Safefty Belts, Hand gloves, Welding Shield. 
02Adjustable Aluminum ladders, Non-Adjustable Aluminum ladders, Wooden ladders